a few Bangkok pics

Red shirts on the streets.

Young Thai girl, playing to pay for her education
at JatuJat Market, one of the largests markets in the world.

More red shirts taking various forms of transport to protests around the city
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Red shirts absent

After last nights clashes which left 20 dead and 800+ injured, there has been a noticeble absence of red shirts today, the roads have been jammed since we arrived on Wednesday with banner/ flag / clapper waving red shirts, but not today. Everything very quiet, not sure it will last.


Shut down but still partying

Strangely enough, buses stopped, skytrain stopped, roads empty, locals a bit scared, but come to the right part of town and the bars and clubs are still packed, locals and foriegners alike. It Seems as if nothing stops Bangkok from partying, even a state of emergency and riots in the streets. Weird.

Bangkok slowly shutting down

We went to visit a friend and came out to find the skytrain had been shut sown. I'm sat watching riots and police firing tear gas into the crowd and firing bullets on tv. I think we may be drawing towards a total curfew. Have taken some pics (on my new camera) but have no way of uploading as yet. More soon.

Bangkok dangerous?

Well it appears I chose the wrong week for my first visit to Bangkok, or maybe the right one depending on your point of view. The red t-shirt protestors are slowly taking over the city, huge hyper-malls have closed their doors for the week, shopping is difficult, which, sadly, is why I came. More shortly, with pictures.