recent house guests

Two species of frog and a jumping spider were visiting the house, yesterday and today. stunning all three of them. Taken with a macro lens, which when you live in Borneo and have such things coming to your house, is difficult to take of the camera, just in case it's needed.


the beauty of the beast

These were simply so stunning they made me cry, I like plants more than animals in general, but these white tigers left me awestruck.

More primates

During a recent trip to the Singapore zoo (I'm not really a big fan of zoos but this one had very good reviews, so we went), we saw lots of stunning stuff, here's a few of the primates.

no idea

howler monkey

a white gloved gibbon (I think)


Not sure what this is, maybe a kind of lemur

ring-tailed lemur

ring-tailed lemur