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I have been updating my blog or the last few months from my iPhone and was not aware that quite a lot of pictures were not showing up. Having logged onto a real computer and had a look I realise the extent of the problem and will rectify over the next few days after hunting down the original pics.



Can I post from china?
We'll see. I'm near zhu hai, just near Macau. Pics later if this gets through.

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Blue Abyss Dive Shop

Just want to recommend these guys if you're into diving and are looking for a chilled our place to do it. Klemens and Lorenzo, are the owners and instructors, Jun and Garry are the dive masters. All four are great people and very nice dive companions. The shop is clean and professionally run, the equipment is kept in good order. I did 26 dives with them an may be going back to do my rescue and dive master certs with them. Highly recommended.

Check them out on facebook too, and be sure to check out Klemens' videos; awesome.

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Location:Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines



So, I'm travelling with a bunch o stuff that could be called 'gadgets'. Apart the from the beautiful piece of engineering that I'm typing this on (my iPhone) and the camera from a previous post, here're the rest, all of which are proving invaluable or have proven themselves long ago.

An Akita solar charger, about as big as a mobile phone, and will produce enough juice for a few more hours power to the Mophie iPhone battery pack sat next to it or will power my mini speakers for hours. The battery pack is a god send and means I don't have to charge my phone anymore, charge this up, slap it on the phone, drain its juice and the plug it back in, minus the phone, I can use my phone all the time.
Then there's these beauties, which I'm very impressed with.

Tiny portable speakers called x-mini, amazing sound for the size, and lock together into an egg for transporting.
This amazingly simple thing, my Mares Puck diving computer, 30 dives and i love it, as cheap and simple as they come. One button and does everything I need.

And last but not least, my
G-shock watch, almost indestructible, solar powered, waterproof to 40m+...awesome

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Cebu, Philippines

The previous post re: HK seems ti have got lost in cyberspace :-( can't be arsed doing it again, it was a classic and I'll never post something that good again:-P
Anyway, I've come to the island of Cebu, in the Philippines. After a few days in the city, I bought a guide book to work out what the hell to do and decided upon Moalboal, on the south east coast. "diving, eating and drinking" as described in the book. That's me!
2 hrs in a taxi and arrived to this.

A completely flat calm waveless ocean, with corals and fish a few yards off the shore.
Have basically come here to dive, and little else. I'm still here, sat here using the hotel wifi to post this. Have done 20 dives here and will get a few more in before I leave in 4 days' time.
It's a wonderful relaxing place, where the diving takes precedent. Early rises, early bedtimes, 2 dives a day. Apart from an ear infection, it's all been good.

Above, one of the local dive boats.

Me and Woodbridge (the little hippo) preparing for a dive.

The local dive sites of which I've now done most, pescador island being the highlight, with a population of half a billion sardines which having recently
flourished after a net fishing ban, are starting to attract predators such as jack, tuna, barracuda and these fellas, the thresher shark.

That's not my pic, still haven't bought an underwater camera, but that was taken at the site I've been diving. The sardines block out the sun sometimes and no picture could ever give you an impression of just how many and how awe inspiring this cloud of fish are. Other highlights have been the frogfish:

And the Pygmy seahorse:

But I could fill thousands of pages talking about the life underwater here; just crazy amounts of corals (hard n soft), sponges, algae, turtles, thousands of species of tropical fish etc etc etc.
Wonderful. I didn't think I'd dive anywhere better than the Maldives; I was wrong.

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So, after my trip to india, Laura and I went to the Maldives for 4 days. Flew to Mali and then caught a twin otter seaplane to our resort. Awesome, seeing the atolls and reefs a few thousand feet below, taking off, landing n taking off again, brilliant and started the hol off in exactly the right way, the Maldives is a luxury holiday, may as well start with a real extravagance.

We spent our time in a place called maayafushi resort. A smallish resort with a beautiful house reef. The diving was prohibitively expensive so we just snorkelled ( and burnt ourselves to a crisp whilst doing so).
We were circled by 5 White tipped, 2 metre long reef sharks at one point, that got us both a little worried, an I saw five unknown rays the next day 'flying' in formation.
Resort was beautiful and neither of us wanted to leave, though the seaplane back was great again.

A crane on the beach!

Our flight back to Lanka was late in the evening, so we took a boat ride over to Mali proper for a look round. Near the end of Ramadan, and as Mali is Muslim, most of the shops and restaurants were closed, and while you can drink on the resorts, you can't drink in the capital. It's a bizarre place 2km x 1km, yet full of scooters and expensive big cars (why?).

Laura, at the seafront, waiting for a restaurant to open so we could eat.
A weird and long day, but a great holiday, a little sad to leave, as I'll probably never go back. I'd done my advanced diving course there 2 years earlier, and enjoyed that time too, even though my folks, who went with me, had all their money stolen from their room :-(

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