It's been a very long time. Due to many things, like Skyrim, Eve-Online, holidays, Tumblr and largely just taking too many pictures and loving photography more and more. etc etc.
I will try to get this blog up to date over the next week or so. Since my last post I've visited Singapore, KL, Bangkok, Ko Chang, Penang and Tioman. I've done a lot of macro work due to the inspiration of my mate Anthony Ratcliffe over at and who came to visit for a while and we experimented with off camera flash, extension tubes and eventually stacking techniques to further our macro work.
I've also jointly put on a photography exhibition with 3 friends here in Kuching, Sarawak.
So lots to talk about, lots of pics to post, I'll try to get started ASAP.

Here's a couple of pics to start you off, a month or so ago I went out with my mate Gerry Fox to basically act as his assistant while he completed a few assignments he had to do with street photography and portraiture. He was using a semi-studio setup but on the street, and in between him shooting, I fired off a few shots without flash using my 100mm macro lens that also takes great portraits.

Alec is a cobbler who has a small stall at the end of India Street in Kuching. He is a great character and while not exactly comfortable with being the centre of attention, he allowed us to spend an hour or so taking lots of shots.While this shot is not the most flattering for him, I think it brings out the character in his face, he is normally very happy and smiley.

And here he is in action.

Lots more soon...promise