End of term and holidays

Well the end of another long term and boy do I need a break.

We were going to catch a helicopter to the north east of the island, sadly that changed to a small plane, then the small plane decided it was going to go a day earlier than planned (while we are still working), because the day we were supposed to go, is good Friday, and the pilot decided that being a Buddhist, he'd like to celebrate Easter. We only bought the tickets a week ago, and obviously good Friday was decided at the last minute.
I lost my cool, as you can imagine.

So no plane trip to the North East. A bus journey to the beach for a bit of RnR before jetting off to Bangkok next Wednesday. Really looking forward to the next two weeks off.
I may blog from Bangkok depending on whether I've got anything to say or not.

Will be putting cruisers level 5 in the queue before jetting off, and upon my return I'll have a few days more training before I can get in my recently acquired Tengu.


Turning 41

Well well well,

Another years ends and another begins. I spent last night eating amazing food, drinking amazing wine, sitting in an amazing restaurant with wonderful people. Thanks to all those who made last year worthwhile, thanks to Laura for being there when things got dark and carrying me through.
Life begins at 40? not sure about that, but it's certainly different.
The restaurant was 'Chesa Swiss' btw, in Colombo on Duplication road. I shared a cheese fondue with everyone for starters and then had a medium rare black angus tenderloin steak followed by dark and white chocolate mousse and a large baileys, hahaha wonderful.