Kerbal Space Program

A game that has kept me greatly amused over the last few days, build a rocket and get your giuys onto the moon and then home again. A lot more difficult than expected. At the moment i have stranded 12 guys on the moon, with no fuel or means of getting home:( 
Today however, I got them safely on the moon and then home :)
Here's some screenshots from the moon and home again.

The final stage survives intact and lands on the moon

take off again using RCS
Ignite engines for the lift into lunar orbit
Burn for home 11 million km away

11 million km lunar orbit achieved
Kerbal's gravity grabs the ship and after a little anti burn, orbit is acheived

descend rapidly in time warp

going very fast back towards Kerbal's atmosphere

deploy parachute for landing

various bits fell off, but the guys are still alive and safely back on Kerbal,
if a long way from home